PASoft Services help you get the most from your technology investment. Working with you every step of the way, PASoft provides a variety of services that cross the complete solution life cycle. Whether you need consulting, outsourcing, support, or special projects, you can get it from PASoft. 


  • Strategic Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Training
  • PAC Management Services
  • Electronic Communication Services
  • Custom Development
  • Solution hosting
  • Third party support
  • Congressional and state legislator data
  • Congressional and state zip to district data



PASoft offers many services to provide a customized client-centered approach to PAC management. Rather than require clients to change the way they manage their PACs, we tailor to the client's way of doing business. Our fees are based on the number and type of services an individual client uses. Our clients are as varied as the services we offer:


  • Maintenance of all federal and/or state PAC receipts and disbursement data for the period of time required by law
  • Import payroll deduction and input personal check, and credit card contributions to the PAC
  • Prepare FEC and state filing
  • Provide monthly summary statement
  • Bank Reconciliation



Our unique Interactive Communication Services includes: 


  • PAC Solicitation
  • Grassroots Campaigns
  • Key Contact Communication
  • Surveys
  • Others



In today's competitive environment, you need to be sure that your technology investments are aligned with the overall business strategy. Our dedicated team of professional will design a customized solution and implementation plan to help satisfy many of your more strategic goals and objectives. 


  • Detailed discovery of stakeholders, metrics and other key items that impact the successful implementation.
  • Interactive Communication Design
  • Customized dynamic report design
  • Implementation planning and execution
  • Measurement and reporting


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